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Are you a member of a church, sorority, or other organization?  Interested in helping touch the life of a child entering foster care?  It’s easier than you think to organize a drive and collect items for care packages given to children entering foster care!  Below are some tips to help you get started.

  • Get approval.  Obtain approval from your company or organization to hold a donation drive.
  • Set a timeline.  Choose the dates for collecting donations.  We recommend at least a month.  This gives people time to look through their belongings at home or go shopping for items to be donated.
  • Put together a team.  Recruit friends, other members, or co-workers to help with planning and conducting the donation drive.
  • Set a goal.  Setting a goal can motivate people to donate.
  • Select and place collection containers.  Decide when and where you will accept donated items.  Collection containers can be placed in high traffic areas such as lunchrooms or lobbies.
  • Get out the word.  Make sure collection containers are clearly labeled.  Make announcements about the drive at meetings or gatherings.  Send e-mail notification of the drive and hang fliers.  Click here for a sample flyer.  Be sure to notify of the drive deadline and direct people to for more information. 
  • Select a designee for monitory donations.  Be prepared to collect monetary donations during your drive by assigning a designated person to collect and track monetary donations or gift cards.
  • Monitor collection containers.  Be sure to keep an eye on donation containers.  Move donations to a safe and secure place as containers begin to fill up.
  • Contact Project Shoe Box.  Contact project shoebox to arrange for pick up or delivery.