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Step 1:  

Find an empty shoe box or any other similar container that has a removable lid.  You don't have to wrap it, but we do encourage wrapping! This makes the care package feel like a gift to the child.  Please make sure you wrap the shoebox lid separately.  This allows for inspection before the shoe box is given to the child and it also allows the child to continue to use the container for storage of their belongings.

Step 2:

Select if you would like to pack a shoe box for a boy or a girl.  You may also choose to create a unisex shoe box containing items appropriate for either gender.

Step 3:DSC 0475

Select an age category

    • 2-4 years old.

    • 5-9 years old.

    • 10-14 years old.

    • 15-18 years old.

Step 4:

Fill your shoe box with items from the suggestion lists below.  We recommend 1 clothing item, 2-3 hygiene items, 1-2 books or school supplies, and 1-2 toys.

Step 5:

Attach a label to the short side of the shoe box.  Write on the label if the shoe box is for a boy, girl, or unisex.  Also write the age category selected.

Step 6:

Check out our Events page to find information regarding ongoing donations drives or upcoming events.  Or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange pick up or delivery.


  • Hygiene items including toothbrushes, toothpaste, brushes, combs, deodorant, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, face soap, bath loofah, wash clothes, floss, or body wash.  Please only new un-opened hygiene items.
  • Toys such as balls, yoyos, dolls, play dough, jump ropes, toy cars, or stuffed animals.
  • School supplies appropriate for the age of the shoebox.  This includes pencils, crayons, washable markers, water colors, washable paint, colored pencils, calculator, glue stick, stationary, or child safe scissors.
  • Books including reading books, sticker books, or coloring books. 
  • Other items a child would enjoy include stickers, crazy straws, jewelry, sunglasses, socks, hair clips, small picture frames, decks of cards, or headbands.  Clothing items that would fit a child of any body type/size in a particular age group.  For example, hats, mittens, or socks.  Please note we only accept new clothing items.
  • Packaging materials such as shoe boxes or any similar sized container with a removable lid.  Kid friendly wrapping paper.  Please no wrapping that is specific to a holiday or an occasion such as Christmas or birthday wrapping paper.  Project shoebox accepts both wrapped and unwrapped containers. 
  • Feel free to include any item you feel is age appropriate for your selected age category and that you feel would bring a smile to a child’s face.  Have fun being creative!
  • Don't include anything damaged or breakable.
  • Please do not include any food items because children have various allergies and dietary needs.
  • Look for low cost items either on sale, at dollar stores, or in the dollar section of your favorite retail store.
  • Look for items around your house you may otherwise discard.  For example, toys from children’s meals at restaurants  or hygiene items from hotels.  Please only unused hygiene items and gently used toys.
  • Use travel sizes.  These are generally cost efficient and the perfect size for children.
  • Please include batteries if any items require them.
  • Do not include war related items such as toy guns.
  • Do not include items or materials associated with a specific religion as we cannot predict the religion of the child receiving the care package.